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State Rendezvous

July 7-9, 2017

Bear Creek/South Fork - Dubois, WY






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State Rendezvous

July 7-9, 2017

Bear Creek/South Fork - Dubois, WY



Contacts & Membership


Shoshone Back Country Horsemen

PO Box 465

Powell, WY  82435



Our members receive 10 newsletters per year.  Our club offers opportunities for all interest levels - everything from trail work to participating in the annual Cody Stampede Parade over the 4th of July.  Our $30 yearly dues cover the $10 that goes to the national organization, Back Country Horsemen of America, $2 to the state organization, Wyoming Back Country Horsemen, leaving $18 for newsletters, postage and local work.


Our yearly membership dues are $30 for an individual or family.  Persons seeking membership may send $30 for a one-year membership, which runs from February 1 until January 31 of the next calendar year.


Please mail the $30 to:  SBCH, PO Box 465, Powell, WY  82435, with the following information:


( ) Yes, I would like to be a 20__ (year) member of the Shoshone Back Country Horsemen.

Name:  ____________________________

Address:  __________________________

Home/Cell Phone:  ___________________

Email Address:  _____________________


2017 Club Officers

If you'd like more information about our club, contact any of the officers listed below or send an email to:  shoshonebch@gmail.com.


We hold elections annually, but typically the President and Vice President stay on for two-year terms.  Most often the Vice President moves into the President position after becoming familiar with the club activities.



Bill Lyke (307) 754-8183


Vice President

Rick Adair (307) 587-2582



Judy Blymyer  (307) 754-0151



Deb Black  (307) 754-9090


WBCH State Delegates

Bill Lyke (307) 754-8183

Barry Reiswig  (307) 690-9713


Walter Haslett - Altenate (307) 250-8637

Howard Sanders - Alternate  (307) 754-8242

Sean Leach - Alternate (307) 527-5965


2017 Club Committees



Barry Reiswig  (307) 690-9713



Dale Olson (307) 272-5210



Howard Sanders (307) 754-8242



Marty Morris (307) 527-5100



Kathi Gimmeson  (307) 754-3490



Brook Curnow (307) 645-3034



Bonnie Fauskee  (307) 254-3262


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